Flygt 3000 series submersible centrifugal pumps cover flow capacities from 0L/s to 3,000L/s and discharge heads from 5m to 130m. Its clog-free hydraulic system is designed to transport water from virtually any source. The submersible pump reduces energy consumption, minimizing construction and service cost.

The 3000 series can be dry installed on a base frame or suspended on a flooding platform. For installation in sea water, these pumps are available with a well-approved corrosion protection system and fish-friendly zinc anodes.

The Flygt LL 3000 series are submersible mix flow pumps for flow capacities ranging from 70L/s to 2,200L/s and discharge heads from 2m to 38m. Designed to transport river or sea water, Flygt LL 3000 pumps enable the construction of low-cost pumping stations that do not require superstructures. The pump is completely submerged in the discharge column, which makes it less complex to install and allows the motors to run cooler and more quietly than non-submersible wet pit pumps.

Xylem Inc.