PEEK compounds

Luvocom EOG, a new generation of PEEK compounds developed to meet the need for higher performance and lower risk, offer unlimited life expectancy at 464°F (240°C) in downhole environmental conditions per NORSOK M-710 Standard. The compounds experience less internal stress and warpage (up to 150% better shrinkage ratio), and reduce dependence on molding flow direction of mechanical properties. High creep resistance improves extrusion resistance, leading to more resistant and reliable seals.

Applications include bearings, bushings, thrust washers and gears, seals, back-up rings, packers and plugs, and compressor components. Each Luvocom EOG grade is focused on specific applications. Materials have achieved NORSOK M-710 compliance standard for critical non-metallic (polymer) sealing, seat, and back-up materials for permanent sub-sea oil and gas applications.

Lehvoss North America

Welded tombstones

PHT series welded tombstone columns for horizontal machining centers are available in 400mm, 500mm, and 630mm base sizes. Twelve standard configurations are offered, including triangle, 3-side-Y, cross, hexagon, and octagon. Unlike other traditional cast aluminum or steel columns, the PHT series can be made to suit specific configuration needs. Height, faceplate width, and other specific needs can easily be designed into the weldments to meet part requirements.

Powerhold Inc.

Manufacturing feedback

Through a live annotation interface, customers can upload a part, get an instant quote, and view and comment on feature-specific feedback provided by a Fictiv engineer. Annotations occur within the web-based 3D Viewer. This feature is currently available for 3D printed and CNC machined parts, addressing considerations such as wall thickness, internal radii, and hole tapping.

Current methods of design for manufacturability (DFM) feedback are based on manual review and intervention, requiring lengthy conversations between engineers and machinists. By combining computer automation with expert machinist knowledge, the live annotation feature decreases lead time, reduces design iterations, and increases productivity.

Fictiv Inc.

High-pressure internal coolant supply toolholder

An expansion for EasyMultiCut, the ETFR-CHP toolholder is for face grooving with a coolant hole for high pressure internal coolant supply.

EasyMultiCut features a self-clamping insert for high tool rigidity. The toolholder has no top clamping parts to hold down the insert, so smooth chip evacuation is possible in deeper grooving. The system preforms even in face grooving operations where chip evacuation is usually difficult.

Tungaloy Corp.

Waterjet cutting

Maxiem 1530 JetMachining Center with an A-Jet multi-axis cutting head can process a wide range of workpiece materials and thicknesses. Suited for prototype development or full-scale production, the 1530 has a 12ft 2" x 5ft 8" table. A diamond-integrated Maxjet 5i Nozzle allows the machine to accurately cut parts of different shapes and sizes within a 10ft x 5ft 2" X-Y cutting travel area. A programmable motorized z-axis with up to 12" of travel ensures the precise positioning of the nozzle.

The Intelli-Trax linear drive system uses brushless servo motors, integrated servo drives, and high-precision linear encoders to provide constant and continuous feedback on the actual cutting head position. The drive system moves the nozzle in a fast, smooth manner along the X- and Y-axis, resulting in an accuracy of motion as tight as ±0.003".

OMAX Corp.

Quick-change chucks

The Rota NCX power lathe chuck, with large through-hole, has been optimized with reduced weight. The chuck can replace conventional lathe chucks as easily, and a jaw set can be changed with a repeat accuracy of 0.02mm, decreasing setup time by up to 80%.

The quick-change system eliminates repeated turning of the clamping jaws. In order to increase operational safety, it is equipped with a jaw presence monitor. The disengaging key of the chuck can only be pulled out when the base jaws are properly engaged in the wedge bar.

Schunk Inc.

Drill, tap, mill centers

High-speed, lean-style machining centers – DT-2 and DM-2 – provide high-acceleration rates, fast axis speeds, and short tool change times, with 8" (203mm) of X-axis travel and table length compared to slightly smaller machines.

The DT-2 is a BT30 taper machine, with a 15,000rpm inline direct-drive spindle and a high-speed 20+1 side-mount tool changer. It is available with an optional 20,000rpm spindle. The DM-2 is a 40-taper machine, with a 15,000rpm inline direct-drive spindle and a high-speed 18+1 side-mount tool changer. Both allow high-speed rigid tapping to 5,000rpm, with up to 4x retract speed to shorten tapping cycles.

An increased table size, longer X-axis travel, and larger work envelope accommodate multiple fixtures and multi-spindle rotary tables for increased production and setup flexibility. Their compact footprint still allows multiple machines to be placed side-by-side for efficient use of shop floor space.

Haas Automation Inc.

Analysis software

SmartProfile Version 4, 3D geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) analysis software evaluates measurement data for GD&T compliance. It provides fast, accurate analysis of measurements compared to a part’s CAD model, and can be used to confirm GD&T compliance for shape, form, profile, orientation, and location on rigid parts. SmartProfile complies with ASME Y14.5-1994, ASME Y14.5-2009, and ISO 1101 GD&T standards including multi-tier position and profile tolerances.