4th largest producer in the Americas

United States (No.1), Canada (No.2), Brazil (No.3)

Largest trading partner: United States

781,000 bbl/day 11% of crude oil exported to U.S.

Petroleós Mexicanos (PEMEX) Mexico’s largest oil company

11% of Mexico’s export earnings in 2014 from oil & gas

1/3 total government spending aided by oil industry

Total energy consumption (2014)

45% - Petroleum and other liquids

40% - Natural gas

8% - Coal

4% - Hydroelectric

2% - Non-hydro renewables

1% - Nuclear

Crude oil production decline Down 27% from peak in 2004

Organization history

Industry regulated by the Secretaría de Energía (SENER)


Nationalized oil sector, PEMEX created as sole oil operator


Constitutional reforms end PEMEX monopoly


Auction offers 14 offshore blocks for exploration and production to private investors

Credit: eyegelb | Thinkstock.com