Heavy-duty turning center

High-performance, Puma 5100, 5100L, and 5100XL heavy-duty, horizontal turning centers have BMT75P high-power servo drive turrets, high-performance box guideways, and programmable tail stocks. The medium-to-large turning centers ensure powerful machining capability with two-step gearboxes, high-torque motors, and rigid box guideway structures. The series can process complex workpieces by using an optional Y-axis.

The series offers 25 models with chuck diameter sizes from 12" to 21" with optional big-bore spindle turning lengths of 1m or 2m, and 2-axis to Y-axis configurations. The work envelope has a maximum turning diameter of 650mm and turning length of 2m. The machine’s gearbox design allows its spindle to boost productivity with extreme, heavy-duty cutting capability. Turret rotation is controlled by servo motor for fast and reliable tool selection. A BMT85P turret on M- and Y-specification models boosts heavy-duty milling performance. A high-rigidity hydraulic tailstock is clamped to the bed slideway to provide stable support for long workpieces.

Doosan Machine Tools America


Electro-hydraulic setting tool

Setting tool iSet provides a safe, reliable, and cost-effective method for setting bridge plugs, packers, gauge hangers, and straddles.

iSet doesn’t require explosive setting charges, offering safer operation and avoiding special transport permits. The tool can also be run up to 50 times without redressing between runs. On return to surface, the tool can be reset in less than one minute and ready for the next run within 30 minutes.

The tool’s electro-mechanical design produces sufficient setting force, even in lower pressure wells, and setting time is equivalent to that of explosive devices. The tool can run on slickline or e-line and will operate in temperatures to 150°C and pressures to 15,000psi. Critical diagnostic parameter records pressure, temperature, displacement, setting force, battery voltage, motor current, and 3-axis acceleration providing the operator with an overview of the setting cycle.

Probe Holdings Inc.


Shop-floor management software

Freedom IoT and Freedom eLOG software focus on manufacturing efficiency that integrates with shop-floor assets to provide transparency into manufacturing processes. These include asset utilization, performance, quality, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), as well as machine health, process health, and energy consumption.

Freedom IoT is cloud-based software used by small shops to global enterprises, and it can connect with ERP, MES, maintenance, and quality business systems. The software continues the Freedom eLOG services, providing real-time monitoring and analysis, machine diagnostics, and manufacturing metrics.

eLOG’s asset monitoring system consistently and efficiently collects and analyzes manufacturing data in real time. Live data can be accessed 24/7 via any web browser. The software links every machine on the shop floor to provide configurable reports on everything from individual machine performance to total production activity. Freedom eLOG production monitoring software will help identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, streamline processes, and improve operational efficiency and overall equipment effectiveness.