Large-part curing conveyor

Widecure’s 25" belt allows consistent, fast, and safe curing for light-curable materials on larger parts or larger quantities of smaller parts.

This conveyor can be outfitted with a longwave or shortwave bulb and delivers more than 4J/cm2 of curing energy at 5ft/min. Users can control curing parameters through a touch-screen control panel, tailoring curing flexibility to their application. The system’s tightly controlled belt speed and minimal bulb degradation further allow better control over cure.

Dymax Corp.

Coolant-through threadmills

Coolant-through threadmills improve chip evacuation when threading blind holes and reduce tool deflection for straighter, more precise thread forms. Users can expect longer tool life and less tool breakage due to chip build up.

A thick core geometry maximizes coolant hole size through the center and strengthens the tool, allowing more coolant flow-through, faster flushing, and better cutting edge cooling. Offered in inch and metric-shank options, threadmills are available in a variety of threadforms, diameters, and lengths. The product line is suitable for producing screw threads, high-performance taps made with high-temperature alloys, high-strength alloys, and stainless steel.

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.

Camera vision system

In-Sight VC200 series, a family of vision systems using multiple smart cameras, increases processing power with each additional camera, expanding the number of multi-camera inspection applications. Improved performance helps keep pace with fast-moving production lines to solve applications with sequential or asynchronous inspections.

The vision system includes a fully customizable, web-enabled human machine interface (HMI), providing password-protected monitoring and control. Operators can view inspections, controls engineers can modify parameters, and plant managers can review performance statistics simultaneously from any device with a web browser.

Cognex Corp

Multi-tasking technology

The space-saving QTU-200MY turning center features a main turning spindle, tool turret with rotary milling spindle, Mazatrol SmoothC control, and Y-axis off-centerline capabilities. The machine’s headstock incorporates a built-in spindle/motor that eliminates belts or pulleys.

The A2-6, 20hp (15kW) main turning spindle provides speeds from 35rpm up to 6,000rpm with 90ft-lb of torque.Its 2.4" (61mm) spindle bore diameter accommodates a maximum bar diameter of 2" (52mm). The main turning spindle serves as a 360° C-axis that indexes in 0.001° increments.

Mazak Corp.

Fiber optic, continuous-flex cables

Chainflex fiber optic and CAT7 continuous-flex cables offer real-time communication between machines. More than 30 types of Ethernet cables for moving applications include CAT7 Ethernet cables that increase the data transfer rates of CAT5e and CAT6 cables by as much as 10x. CAT7 cables are available in three jacket material options for rolling flex applications, as well as a torsional CAT7 option for robotic applications. Chainflex fiber optic options are guaranteed for up to 36 months of continuous-flex performance. A range of fiber optic chainflex cables are available, including those for harsh environments or torsional movements.


Female panel feed

The M12 Slim Design PFT female panel feeds, with D and X coding, makes it easier to connect fast Ethernet and 10GB Ethernet in confined spaces and compact devices.

The M12 PFT Slim Design is compatible with Harting M12 PushPull connectors and standard M12 screw fittings. The panel feed is available with a crimp connection for field assembly, protected to IP65/67 standard, and suitable for temperatures from -40°C to 85°C. The 360° shield protects against electromagnetic interference, and the X-coded version delivers transmission rates up to 10Gbits.

Harting Technology Group

Angle head catalog

A 28-page catalog includes high tensile strength aluminum Heimatec angle heads with high-precision spindle bearings to maintain concentricity. Angle head gears are made from wear-resistant gear steel and specially hardened, ground, and lapped in sets to provide smooth transmission output.

Applications range from milling to drilling and tapping, especially when tight and compound angles or deep recesses are involved. Angle heads run up to 150N-m, with up to 1:4 gear ratios, and spindle speeds to 24,000rpm available as standard. Interchangeable torque arms 360° body rotation are also standard.

Heimatec Inc.


For high-quality turbine engine component hole drilling, Synova and Makino developed HybridCell, combining Synova’s Laser MicroJet (LMJ) with Makino’s EDM capabilities.

This fully-automated, manufacturing-ready, work cell consists of a MCS 500 cutting system and Makino’s EDBV EDM hole-drilling machine.

Synova S.A.