As part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, 79,350 acres offshore of New York will be offered in a December commercial wind lease sale. The New York Wind Energy Area starts 11.5 nautical miles from Jones Beach, New York. From its western edge, the area extends 24 nautical miles southeast at its longest portion. The lease area consists of five full Outer Continental Shelf blocks and 143 sub-blocks.

After reviewing environmental assessment comments, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) removed about 1,780 acres from the lease area due to concerns regarding a seafloor feature known as the Cholera Bank. In a comment letter, the National Marine Fisheries Service identified the Cholera Bank feature as a sensitive habitat to be avoided for placing structures. The revised lease area will be approximately 2% smaller than the lease area considered in the proposed sale notice. In response to concerns raised by commercial fishing interests, BOEM also has included a lease requirement for the lessee to develop a publicly available fisheries communications plan and work with a fisheries liaison to facilitate communication with the fishing industry.

The final sale notice contains provisions that respond to public comments. For instance, BOEM will consider monetary and nonmonetary factors in determining the winner.

“New York is critical in building a robust U.S. offshore wind industry,” says BOEM Director Abigail Ross Hopper. “The process to develop and refine the New York lease area, as well as the online auction, reflects the commitment BOEM has to listening and responding to stakeholders and ensuring that all voices are heard as we forge a path to a clean energy future.”

Weir Oil & Gas wellhead contract with Kuwait Oil Co.

Weir Oil & Gas Dubai will provide Kuwait Oil Co. (KOC), Khuff Trading and Contracting, with 295 Seaboard wellheads, representing approximately $12 million. Weir will produce 11 wellhead configurations ranging from 3,000psi to 10,000psi. The products sold include conventional wellheads, HH cladded trees, and solid block dual completion trees. Equipment designs will accommodate casing and tubing sizes ranging from 24" to 3.5".

In addition to a manufacturing facility for upstream and downstream equipment, Weir provides operators in the region with operations and maintenance integrated services contracts. The scope of its resources in the region is key to its ability to serve as a resource to companies such as KOC.

“From maximizing the value of oil, realizing the value from technology, all while adhering to safety and environmental protocols, our alliance with Weir Oil & Gas is an important component to KOC’s strategies,” says Ahmed Dick, managing director of Khuff Trading and Contracting.

Weir designs critical service equipment including the Seaboard two-stage, single bore wellhead system. Operators can run the pre-assembled wellhead system through the rotary-table, landing on the conductor with no flame cutting, welding, or grinding. Weir’s designs eliminate lock down screws by using an integral lockdown seal assembly, removing multiple potential leak paths. In addition to the Seaboard wellhead, the company provides field services and training through its manufacturing facility in the Jebel Ali Free Zone.