Quick-change tooling

Kurt ToolBlox’s open-cage design weighs 30% less than a solid tombstone with aluminum subplates, making easier handling for CNC machine table and shuttle systems. The ToolBlox class 30 grey iron construction provides vibration dampening for a rigid setup.

System faces feature pre-machined bolt holes and dowel patterns for quick change of components with repeatability to 0.0002". Optional hole patterns and keyways are available. A PinLock mounting system used with ToolBlox can secure to machine tables or with fixture plates and workholding devices.

Kurt Workholding


IMTS 2016 Booth # W-2423

Automatic plate saws

LPS Series heavy-duty electronically controlled production plate saws enable fast, accurate, automated cutting of aluminum, low alloy, and high-tensile strength solid materials.

A feeding mechanism for automatic positioning of plates or blocks via two, parallel servo-driven units feed the material to the blade. The feeding mechanism and roller conveyors are mounted on sectional inner and outer tables with hardened material supports at the cutting zone. Paired, adjustable hydraulic clamps provide workholding during sawing, and a laser measurement system on the saw frame detects workpiece ends for automated operation. An electronically controlled, infinitely variable downfeed rate monitors cutting force, which is displayed on the operator control panel.

The system is designed with a stress-free solid cast C-frame design guided on linear rails and bearings. Depending on the model, two, or three cast Meehanite band wheels provide vibration-free guidance and fast blade changeovers. The LPS saws offer automatic hydraulic blade tensioning and for chip removal, automatic, wheel-mounted chip conveyors with separate motors.

Behringer Saws Inc.


IMTS 2016 Booth # N-6844

Rotary screw vacuum pump

The GHS VSD+ oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps offer a range of 1,300m3/h to1,900m3/h with an ultimate pressure of 0.35mbar and a footprint of less than 2.3m3.

An all-in-one vacuum pump featuring efficient variable speed drive technology, the system offers average energy savings of up to 50% compared to alternative technologies. The plug-and-play design comes with Smartlink connectivity for maximum uptime and Elektronikon for state-of-the-art monitoring. High oil retention optomizes the exhausted air quality for a cleaner work environment.

Atlas Copco


IMTS 2016 Booth # NC-645

Dual column, large capacity band saws

The DoAll DC-1100SA offers semi-automatic capacities on rectangles at 43.3" x 43.3"? (1,100mm x 1,100mm) and the DC-1700SA has a rectangle capacity of 67" x 51.2" (1,700mm x 1,300mm).

The DoAll DC-1100SA and DC-1700SA high production, dual column, semi-automatic horizontal band saws have operations that do not require indexing or automatic cutting cycles.

The feed system increases blade life and cutting accuracy as the operator is not manually pressuring or overloading the saw blade during the cut.

DoAll Sawing Products


IMTS 2016 Booth # N-7074

Five-axis machining

High metal removal rates and low maintenance allows for longer tool and machine life for the FA1050 5-axis horizontal machining center. The system is capable of boring, end milling, finish cutting, threading, and U-axis machining.

The 5-axis machine has a solid cast-iron base combined with full-plate clamping mechanism with holding up to 26,000 lb of table clamp force. Shop owners can achieve stable axial feed at high speeds during heavy workloads due to the machine’s rigid core.

Spindle support from four heavy-duty bearings – robust, double-row cylindrical roller bearings and dual angular contact thrust bearings – eliminates vibration. The boxway machine performs rapid acceleration with its 60hp spindle drive motor at 6,000rpm.

Toyoda Machinery USA


IMTS 2016 Booth # S-8519

Rapid shutdown for multiple strings

The NEC 2014 section 690.12 requires new photovoltaic systems to have a rapid shutdown functionality, which de-energizes the array to less than 30V within 10 seconds in order to enhance rooftop and firefighter safety. This code requirement has caused challenges throughout the solar industry, since many products are not able to accommodate such functionality. The Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box-Multi offers a reliable, flexible, and simple-to-install solution for Fronius SnapINverters ranging from 1.5kW to 24.0kW for 600VDC applications. Installers benefit from reduced labor, quicker installation, and reduced system costs since the system eliminates external power supplies and any additional ground-level hardware. Extra conduit is also eliminated since it is directly connected to the inverter through the home DC conduit. The rapid shutdown function is initiated whenever AC is not present. Once triggered, the DC lines are rapidly discharged by the Fronius SnapINverter.

The Rapid Shutdown Box can be roof-mounted 10ft from the array, on the array, or in the attic within 5ft of the array. This flexibility allows the installer to choose the best option for safety compliance and limits extra hardware.

Fronius USA LLC


Bio-renewable parts cleaning system

CleanBox Compact S, CleanBox Maxi, and CleanBox Mega units in a range of sizes ease cleaning and degreasing regular, large, and over-sized industrial parts. For use with water-based cleaning agents CB 100 and CB 100 ALU, the CleanBox parts washers enable companies to replace toxic solvents with a safer alternative and improve cleaning efficacy.

The Compact S and Maxi are available in heated versions to increase cleaning efficiencies, and non-heated versions for use at room temperature. The CleanBox Mega can handle extremely large parts or clean multiple large parts at once. The system includes a foot-petal activation flow-through brush with a funnelled hose to supply cleaning product while brushing.



Manual clamps

One-Touch clamps offer clamping and unclamping of a workpiece in one simple operation. The clamp eliminates the need for tools when applying clamping force, helps reduce setup time, and increases productivity. The lineup includes swing, push, pull, retractable, thrust, snap, and side clamps in a wide range of clamping forces.



IMTS 2016 Booth # W-2377

Metal welding

The Single Point Ground Welder directs high frequency, ultrasonic vibratory energy to the surface between the metals being welded. That vibratory energy disperses the oxides and surface films between the work pieces, creating a true metallurgical bond. No materials are melted and no heat, current, fluxes, or fillers are used, making the welding process energy efficient and environmentally responsible.

The system is capable of welding up to 18 wires and can weld wire bundles up to 20mm2 to a single terminal in one pulse. It uses heat-treated tool steel, taper lock tips that can be easily replaced and readily redressed, able to perform up to 100,000 welds before being discarded.

The 2,500W unit includes a microprocessor that stores and recalls up to 250 protocols. A digital display allows welding modes to be selected by time or energy and provides automatic frequency control and overload protection. Automatic control monitoring can also detect variations from preset limits. Weld data can be transferred to or from a computer via RS232 port.

Sonobond Ultrasonics


Shock absorption mounts

GN 253 vibration/shock absorption, RoHS-compliant mounts absorb most of the accumulated kinetic energy on impact and act as dampers to prevent damaging shock and rebound. The mount body is nitrile-butadiene (NBR) synthetic rubber, vulcanized, 55 durometer (shore hardness ±5°). Cover plate is steel, zinc plated, blue passivated, molded in. Mounts are available with tapped inserts or threaded studs made of zinc-plated, blue passivated steel. Versions with 40 or 70 durometer natural rubber available.

J.W. Winco Inc.


IMTS 2016 Booth # N-6586

High-temperature resistant indexable inserts

Tiger?tec Silver grade WSM45X indexable inserts have high-temperature resistance, improved wear resistance, toughness, and hardness. These inserts can boost performance by up to 67% over comparable tools. The product’s surface treatment with high-performance substrate ensure maximum process reliability and increased productivity when working with difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium alloys.

The smooth surfaces reduce edge build up, while the two-tone Tiger?tec Silver coating allows users to identify wear quickly and so all cutting edges are used efficiently.

Walter USA LLC


IMTS Booth # W-1700

Cup spring-loaded pins

The 0973 has a solder cup designed to accept up to 20AWG wire, has a maximum stroke of 0.080" (2.03mm) and can be used at a minimum spacing of 0.100" (2.54mm).

The shoulder and barb features allow assembly into connector housings. The terminating wires may be passed through a connector housing and soldered to the cup of the system.

Mill-Max Mfg. Corp


Hybrid trunnion tables

Stallion Hybrid trunnions allow faceplates and chucks to be installed without removal of the trunnion table for faster part setups, increased productivity, and higher quality parts. The workholding device accommodate a variety of vises, fixtures, 3- and 4-jaw chucks, and collet chucks for flexible workholding. Sub-plates and quick-change sub-plates are available with quick-change ballocks.

Standard baseplates allow the trunnion assembly to be offset to one side of the machine to maximize machine travel. A pneumatic brake in the outboard support provides up to 600 lb of clamping torque for off-center milling and drilling. Hydraulic work-holding packages are available.

Trunnion Table


IMTS 2016 Booth # W2268