#1 Maine

More wind energy than the rest of New England combined

#2 Rhode Island

Solar energy jobs grew 62%

#3 Idaho

Hydroelectric leads geothermal energy resources for electricity production

#4 Delaware

Standards require 25% of electricity from renewable energy sources with at least 3.5% from photovoltaics, by May 2026

#5 Hawaii

Biomass, solar, and wind renewables

#6 Oregon

73% of 2014 electricity generated from hydroelectric plants and other renewables

#7 Nevada

Second in the nation for geothermal energy potential

#8 South Dakota

National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates 88% of land area suitable for wind development

#9 Washington

National hydroelectric leader, 30% of U.S. hydropower

#10 Iowa

27% of 2013 energy from wind power, ranks third in non-hydroelectric

renewable energy.

Sources: www.eia.gov; www.acore.org; energy.hawaii.gov; Olivet Nazarene University