Horizontal machining center with W-axis spindle

The HM 1250W is a 1,250mm pallet horizontal machining center sharing the same platform as the HM 1250 with an added W-axis spindle for extensive machining capability. The W-axis spindle has a 110mm outer diameter, extendable up to 300mm, for boring work, and is designed to handle up to 5-ton work.

The dual-contact spindle allows tools to contact the spindle face and taper at the same time, minimizing vibration to yield higher machining accuracy. The heavy-duty, gear-type, high-torque spindle with maximum 3,000rpm allows users to machine parts for industries such as oil and gas. The highly rigid, large bed absorbs vibration during heavy-duty cutting to maintain high levels of accuracy for long periods of machine operation. The X- and Z-axis use box guideways, while the Y-axis uses a 63mm roller guideway to maintain high machining accuracy

 and durability.

The standard 60-tool servo-motor driven tool magazine operates under a fixed address system to avoid confusion and ensure easy access.

Doosan Infracore America


Single-axis solar tracker solution

Lateral bracing stabilizes and squares FlexRack Series G3-X racks, preventing spacing issues during installation. The horizontal rail bracket allows the system’s horizontal rails to be initially placed with no hardware and easily adjusted in the field. The tracker’s small drive blocks optimize land use, with a 40% reduction in the number of acres needed. A single-axis distributed drive with back tracking has a 5° to 45° tilt angle with 20% E/W landscape, 20% E/W portrait adjustability. The solution provides full design, installation, commissioning, and support services bundled in one contract with in-house geologist and geotechnical engineers.

Solar FlexRack


Slim hole rotary drilling hose

The Flexor Rig is available with a four-spiral steel reinforcement construction for ID sizes 16, 20, 24, 32, and 40. The 48 ID size is available with a high tensile steel braided construction. All sizes feature an oil-resistant synthetic rubber tube with an abrasion, ozone, hydrocarbon, and flame resistant synthetic rubber cover, for portable, work-over, and seismograph drilling rigs. The hoses have a constant operation temperature of -40°F to 250°F and a safety factor of 4:1 for ID sizes 1" to 2" and 3:1 for ID sizes 2.5" to 3".

Kuriyama of America Inc.