Small footprint 5-axis machining

The Tongtai CT-350 5-axis vertical machine features a C-frame design to ensure rigidity during cutting. The wide-span column of the CT-350 makes it torsion-resistant while cutting a 5-axis part. Rigidity is enhanced by using 45mm roller type guideways and pre-tensioned, large-diameter ballscrews.

The CT-350’s 13.78" diameter table can handle a maximum load of 440 lb. The integrated rotary table uses a roller gear cam in both the tilt and rotation axes. The roller gear cam offers zero backlash, high rigidity, and fast rotation speeds.

The CT350 has a Fanuc OiM-F CNC control to perform 4+1-axis cutting. If 5-axis simultaneous cutting is necessary, a Fanuc 31iM-B5, Siemens 840D, or Heidenhain iTNC-640 can be installed.

Absolute Machine Tools Inc.

Pneumatic drives

The LRC 20 offers a set of hand tools that can grind, mill, and polish in difficult areas such as leading edges and corners of impellers or the insides of narrow pipes. This drive provides 20,000rpm for user handwork; is slender and maneuverable; and fulfils safety, ergonomic, and energy efficiency requirements. Even under full load, the drive generates only 69.5dB. A centrifugal governor regulates the speed, saving an average of 20% of the compressed air needed for conventional air tool technologies. Exhaust air is directed backwards, protecting the work surface from lubricating oil and reducing noise levels.

Suhner Industrial Products LLC

Robotic welding power source

The arc on the Aristo Mig 5000iR robotic welding power source has an improved arc that minimizes or eliminates spatter for good fusion and improves crater-fill function at weld stop for defect-free automated welds.

The system’s built-in robotic interface module (W82) and built-in web server allow remote access by a wide range of external devices, including robotic controllers. The Aristo power source integrates with ESAB’s WeldCloud online data management platform via Wi-Fi, mobile cellular, or hard-wired Ethernet communication.

In addition to conventional MIG, pulse MIG, SuperPulse, and cored wire processes, the 500A Aristo Mig 5000iR supports Swift Arc Transfer (SAT) for wire feed speeds of up to 1,200ipm (or deposition rates up to 20.2 lb/hr). SAT provides flat welds with good penetration, no undercut, and is suitable for lap and fillet welds on thin and thick plate.

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products

Bi-directional inductive coupler

The Balluff IO-Link inductive coupler, with its 40mm x 40mm x 70mm IP67 housing is the industry’s first compact inductive coupler to offer 32 bytes of bi-directional data transfer using a standard four-pole M12 sensor cable. The system is also rated for 500mA at a 5mm gap with 24V power.

The couplers combine the IO-Link family and the inductive coupling family to simplify complex automation.

IO-Link uses standard four-pole sensor cables that connect to sensor hubs, actuation devices, or IO-Link smart devices to help reduce cable clutter in industrial automation environments.

The Balluff inductive coupling solution uses the magnetic induction phenomenon to exchange power and data wirelessly over a small gap or over a non-metallic barrier. The coupler is immune to vibration, oil, dust, or liquids.

Balluff Inc.

ProtoShield sheets

Protoshield sheets are depth-etched with a checkerboard pattern for folding and can be formed into diverse configurations. In the product development stage, fully functional shields can be created in minutes with scissors and a straight edge for folding.

Tech-Etch Inc.

Dual axis linear stepper motors

Dual axis linear stepper motors are suitable for open loop positioning applications requiring 2-axis motion in a single plane. They can perform at speeds of up to 80ips (2m/sec) and strokes of up to 20" x 30" (0.5m x 0.75m).

The moving assembly (the forcer) is supported by magnetically preloaded air bearings embedded in the forcer’s active surface. The bearings are designed to support the payload and maintain the required 0.0005" to 0.0010" gap between the platen and the forcer.

The step and direction signal for each axis comes from two separate micro-stepping drives (2- or 4-phase). A 2-axis indexer is required to send step and direction signals to the drivers. For 2-phase motors, the full step is 0.010" and for the 4-phase motors the full step is 0.005". With micro-stepping, resolutions in the order of 0.5µm to 1µm are achievable.

H2W Technology

Gear grinder and portable gear inspection system

The ZE 800 profile gear grinder offers a compact machine for 25 up to module (1DP) external gears with internal grinding using either CBN or dressable wheels. New software features include hob and worm grinding.

PM 750/1250 portable gear checker/CMM offers dual functionality for use in the lab or on the production floor. It enables measuring of larger gears on production machines without on-board inspection. The design makes it moveable within the plant. An optional docking station with granite base and rotary table allows the PM 750/1250 to be a stand-alone, 4-axis generative gear inspection machine when not required for portable measurement.

Kapp Technology LP

Honing machine

The Präwema SynchroFine 205 HS gear honing machine features direct-driven, digitally controlled spindles for the tool and the workpiece. The machine’s software checks the stock allowance and workpiece runout and then optimizes the X-axis approach distance.

The workpieces and dressing tools are loaded and unloaded by the workpiece spindle. The large X-axis travel enables placement of additional stations adjacent to the loading/unloading station inside the machine, such as a two-flank roll-checking device. External robots and conveyor systems can also be integrated by GMTA engineering.

German Machine Tools of America

Production-oriented cart

The push cart is designed for handling manufacturers’ production parts to assure material handling consistency, efficiency, and protection. The cart is built with a series of plastic-coated steel pipes, joints, and accessories, making them flexible and easy to customize.

Each cart contains two shelves with four openings per level. The slot is open at either end for loading/unloading. Each opening features a 1/2" plastic shelf that opens at the center. Production parts are supported on both the right and left sides and hang through the center so parts are protected and slide into position. The open design makes all shelves visible to enhance inventory management and safety when the cart is moved from one station to another.