The successor of the SL series with more than 2,300 installed machines worldwide, the NLX 6000|2000 is aimed at and oil and gas customers. The system has bore spindles of up to 12,000N-m of torque and 14.8", with turning length of 78.7", and the CELOS user interface. A Y-axis option with ±100mm stroke plus spindle variations and an optional BMT turret are available.

The construction of the NLX 6000|2000 is based on a 45° slanted bed with flat guides up to 7.1" wide in all axes for damping and rigidity. The integrated motor spindle headstock, built-in tailstock, and 2" ball screws ensure stability during machining. With a maximum turning diameter of 36.2" and turning length up to 78.7", this largest model in the NLX series is designed for large applications. The system has the travel path capacity of 485mm in the X-axis, 200mm (±100mm) in the Y-axis, and 2,150mm in the Z-axis, with a maximum chuck size of 23.6mm.

Available spindle bores include 7.3" (type B), 11.2" (type C), and 14.8" (type D). The big-bore spindles achieve torques of around 7,000N-m in the case of type B and up to 12,000N-m for the two larger versions. NLX 6000|2000 has the chipping performance of a milling machine – the integrated drive motor with BMT technology has a maximum speed of 4,000rpm and a torque of 117N-m. There is space for 12 powered tools.