The PUMA VTR1216 and the PUMA VTR1216M offer productivity enhancing features. One-piece beds with dual chip conveyers improve chip handling and reduce downtime for manual chip removal. Up to four tools can be mounted in quad holders that can be integrated into the tool magazines with capacities for 12 to 34 stations – increasing the number of total tools for automatic selection, reducing the tool change time, and improving productivity.

Main table speeds of 60hp, 400rpm and live spindle speeds of 20hp, 3,000rpm (VTR1216M), offer the power and speeds needed to take advantage of today’s cutting tool technology.

The single, wide-column design provides full X-axis travel distances, allowing machining and probing on both sides of the workpiece, and a 1,200mm (47.2") Z-axis travel. Both machines in the series provide a cutting capacity of 1,700mm (67") in diameter and 1,250mm (49.2") in height. The cutting envelope is 125% larger than its predecessor. Both models are built to offer heavy roughing and accurate finishing.

Doosan Machine Tools America

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