Magnetically coded position and angle measurement

BML incremental position measurement systems can be used flexibly and are available for most shaft diameters. Due to standardized digital and analogue interfaces, they can be integrated into most control systems.

The BML magnetic tape measuring system is attached to the system’s main shaft and are accurate, even at slow speeds. The system can detect the direction of rotation and the correct rotor position for the rotor lock using reference points. All of this is non-contact and wear-free.

Balluff Inc.

Spiral pipe production systems

The spiral pipe production system meets demanding requirements for diameter tolerances or welding gaps. Offline spiral pipe lines are for the production of large pipes with diameters of 508mm to 2,235mm (20" to 88") and lengths of 12.0m to 24.4m. The pipes are made from high-grade steel (up to x100) with thicknesses of up to 25.4mm which is wound onto coils. This is formed into a spiral tube and submerged arc-welded to a spiral welded pipe.

The coil preparation stand ensures short changeover times, a high degree of safety, and an exact 90° cut at the beginning of the coil. Crane transfers are no longer necessary. At the forming station, all relevant steps are automated. OD or ID calibration systems ensure consistently reproducible, high product quality.

With a total length of 450m, the pipe plants also have various devices to test large pipes in accordance with API standards for ultrasonic, X-ray, and hydrotester stands.

Schuler Inc.

Drilling heads

FCP and HCP drilling heads feature a common cutting edge design with concave sharp point geometry. The FCP is an exchangeable, flat-bottom DCN drill head, with center point geometry enabling direct drilling with a 5XD holder – although longer overhangs will demand pre-hole operations. By eliminating a pilot hole, the drilling heads shorten machining cycle time and number of tools required for drilling.

The HCP drilling heads, made from IC908 TiAlN PVD nano layer coating grade, are designed for machining ISO-P and ISO-K materials. HCP drill heads have pin-end insert geometry for steady entry into the workpiece material with a continuous smooth cut for high cylindricity and excellent surface finish.

Iscar Metals