Quick change collet chuck

The low-profile 65mm dead-length (DL) FlexC quick change collet chuck is available in four spindle sizes – A2-5, A2-6, A2-8, and 140mm – and can be customized to fit any spindle.

The low-profile 65mm DL features a reduced nose diameter for better tool clearances. Additional enhancements include reduced hang weight, simplified installation, a new work stop, and accessories.

Hardinge Inc.


Interchangeable tip drill series expansion

DrillMeister head diameters ranging from 20.0mm to 25.9mm (0.787" to 1.020") with a drilling depth of L/D=1.5 to 8 are for large diameter holes in various materials. The flange-type drill body is designed for chip evacuation due to the high helical flute angle and special polished flute surface. Evacuation can be achieved even in drilling deep holes of L/D=5 or deeper.

DrillMeister improves efficiency in machining and reduces machining cost by minimizing tool-change time and eliminating regrinding.

Tungaloy Corp.


Oil debris sensor

Continuous, real-time monitoring of particle contamination in hydraulic and engine oil lubrication systems can trigger an immediate shutdown in cases of large particle build-up or an early warning for maintenance.

A high-temperature neodymium magnet collects debris and keeps it from recirculating through the system. The sensor has two independent channels for particle detection – one for fine metallic debris and the other for lager metallic debris for real time information about the health of mechanical components.

Gill Sensors & Controls Ltd


Deep-hole drilling machines

The high-precision UNI-50BTA deep hole drilling machine extends production range by enabling operators to rapidly change from BTA to gundrill deep-hole-drilling tooling. This allows drilling holes with diameters as small as 0.31" (8mm) and as large as 2.56" (65mm), at depth-to-diameter hole ratios of 100:1 or greater. The UNI-50BTA makes it possible to drill with either tooling method within the diameter range in the same part without secondary operations.

UNI-50BTA features a pressure-head design, enabling operators to change tools without dismantling the machine, reducing changeover time.

The machine features high-accuracy feed and zero-endplay spindles for bottom-forming operations, counter rotation to minimize centerline drift, and preloaded ball screw drives for precise depth control.

Fluid delivery and chip discharge strategies are programmed depending on finish tolerance objectives and the starting condition of the parts, while automatic process interruption enables unattended operation for increased productivity.



Hydraulic toolholder

Tendo E compact toolholders can safely transfer torques of up to 520Nm at a 20mm clamping diameter. With vibration damping and precise run out accuracy of less than 0.003mm (0.0001) at 2.5 x D, the Tendo E compact protects the machine spindle and the cutting tool from damage. The hydraulic expansion toolholder is suitable for rough milling and finish operations such as reaming and fine milling.

In roughing operations users have achieved tool cost reductions of 40%. Tools can be changed with an Allen key. Common spindle connections are available, including interfaces HSK-A63, SK40, BT40, CAT40, and CAT50.



Modular slide assembly program

The feed slide program includes four basic slide sizes: UA15, UA35, UA100, and UA200. The program line offers pneumatic feed with external hydraulic brake cylinder, with or without peck-feed function; pneumatic feed with integrated brake cylinder which allows feed control over the entire stroke length; hydraulic for higher feed forces; and CNC-controlled, servo motor and pre-loaded nut & ball screw.

Two rails, four pre-loaded bearing blocks, and a ball screw are nested inside a low profile base and saddle design.

Modular system feed slides are tailored to the spindle program application for many different drilling and milling operations.

Options include central lubrication for right- or left-hand slide lubrication, cam rail, and switch assembly including telescopic or bellow-type way covers.

Suhner AG


Carbide roughing end mill

The Power Mill F1304NN series helix carbide roughing end mill designed for stainless steels and general steels combines variable flute geometry with a roughing cord profile for more stable milling in machines with limited horsepower. The unequal helix design reduces vibration, enabling higher metal removal rates with improved tool life. The roughing cord configuration acts as a chip-breaker to reduce radial load during milling and decreases the machine’s overall power consumption.

Safe-Lock grooves support Safe-Lock holder technology to guarantee tool pullout or micro-creeping does not occur. A sub-micron carbide grade, fine balanced tool grinding, and advanced AlTiN-based PVD coating further promote maximum tool longevity.

Haimer USA LLC


Tool storage

Tooltech compact tool magazine stores big, heavy, and large-diameter tools within a small floor space. Special tool carts and docking stations eliminate the need for operators to manually lift tools in and out of the system, so tooling setups are faster, easier, and safer.

Tooltech holds up to 206 tools in the same amount of space required for a 120-tool chain-type magazine storage system. This system organizes tools according to their lengths and diameters and stores them in racks.

The storage solution handles of tools with diameters up to 360mm, lengths to 800mm, and weights as high as 40kg.

Mazak Corp.


Tool identification system

Operators using a scanner automatically call up Tool-ID data and transfer it to the machine control unit, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry. The tool also provides production information in a form that can be read by the machine. Using this information, tool life, presetting data, and individual production steps can be monitored and controlled. In the smart factory, production and operating sites are linked so processes can be coordinated centrally and controlled automatically.

Walter USA LLC


Lightweight modular rotary encoder

The ERO 2000 series encoder offers a compact design, excellent signal quality, high interpolation rates, and thermal position stability.

Design types include a scanning unit and two types of scales. The scanning heads come with a 1V peak-to-peak analog interface, with a TTL digital version planned this year with up to TTL x2000 interpolation as a possibility. Position noise is measured to ±0.04 arc seconds. The two types of scales contain a 20µm graduation with a full circle and segment of a circle. For the circular scales, a disk with 2,500 lines per revolution with an outside diameter of 19mm version is available. The segment-shaped scale has the same graduation of 20µm, but features a rectangular form.

The smaller diameter disks are mounted with a pin, and epoxy is recommended to solidify the mounting. Larger versions include a mechanical hub where the glass scale is mounted to the hub for accuracy. The mechanical speed limit for the disks is 14,000rpm. All disks have a reference mark and Supradur graduation that resists scratches, dust, fingerprints, oil droplets, and other forms of contamination.

Heidenhain Corp.


Mill, drill chucks

The 1:16 worm gear FPC chuck delivers 3 tons of traction force and provides 100% holding power for maximum rigidity. A collet-cone assembly absorbs vibration for maximum dampening.

FPC chucks are available in four shank styles (CAT, HSK-A, SK, and BT) in 47 SKUs for a wide range of applications. FPC collets are available in three size ranges (FPC 14, FPC 20, and FPC 25) in more than 35 different SKUs, from 1/8" to 1/ 1/4" (2mm to 32mm).

Emuge Corp.